NSW Update

Stage1B – M4 East

ESO Surveyors has been selected as one of the two successful tenderers to supply survey resources to the surface works involved in this $2.7 bill project for CPB Samsung John Holland Joint Venture.

The project will commence in May and is programmed for completion in March 2019. Surface works include:-

  1. M4 Motorway Western Interchange:
    1. Homebush Bay Drive (adjacent M4 between HBD and Saleyards Creek)
    2. Pomeroy Road / Wentworth Road South (between Verley Dr and Short St)
    3. Underwood Rd (between Short St and Ismay Ave)
  1. Powell’s Creek M4 Westbound On ramp
    1. Parramatta Rd / Powell St / M4 (between Powell’s Creek, Powell St and Underwood Rd)
  1. Concord Road Interchange
    1. Concord Rd (between Parramatta Rd / Patterson St) / Sydney St / M4 Motorway
  1. City West Link / Wattle St Interchange
    1. Dobroyd Pde / Wattle St / Waratah St / Martin St / Ramsay St / Allen St (between Crane Ave and Parramatta Rd)
  1. Parramatta Rd Eastern Interchange
    1. Parramatta Rd (between Dalhousie St and Bland St)


Stage1A – M4 Widening

ESO is continuing its work on the construction phase of the $150m Westconnex Stage 1A project for the Rizzani De Eccher Joint Venture. This project involves the widening of 7.5kms of the M4 Motorway including the construction of new bridges and viaduct structures. ESO has surveyors is involved in the bridge construction and asphalt paving.