2017 was a huge year, commencing with the construction of the Outer Harbor Rail overpass in January. Since then, three road bridges have opened to traffic at Port Road, Hawker Street and Torrens Road and a pedestrian bridge opened at Cedar Avenue. The largest service relocation program undertaken in South Australia is almost complete, including the installation of new infrastructure for electricity, gas, water mains, sewerage and telecommunications.

To date, more than 100,000 tonnes of asphalt and 9,600 metres of concrete kerbing have been laid on the project. Works on the Outer Harbor Rail line have involved over 4km of rail track and 14,000 concrete sleepers being installed, with works on the Croydon Station upgrade well advanced. To date, excavation has commenced along approximately 83% of the lowered motorway with more than 218,000 cubic metres of material removed.


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